Friday WOD

Team WOD
CrossFit Total:
15 min to build a 1 rep max of:
Back Squat
15 min to build a 1 rep max of:
Shoulder Press
15 min to build a 1 rep max of:

3 Responses to “Friday WOD”

  • Andre Says:

    OK… My version of the Crossfit Total, (saving my knees)

    45 min EMOM

    First 15 minutes
    – Press 5 reps (95#)
    – Total of 75 press for 7125#
    Second 15 minutes
    – Front Squats 5 reps (135#) clean from ground each minute
    – 75 front squats for 10125# plus 15 cleans for 2025# for a total of 12150#
    Third 15 minutes
    – Dead Lift 5 reps (225#)
    – 75 deadlifts for 16875#

    No rest between anything except the time left in the minute…

    Total workout is 36150# plus a whole lotta sweat ;-) PR of over 7000# from the last one

    More of a grinder than anything else.

    I don’t know if I should add a couple of reps next time or increase the weights…

    • Andre Says:

      Had time to think about it…

      Next time I keep the same weights but increase to 7 reps instead of 5, so… in total, it’s going to be close to 50 000#. Still not as intense as Incredible Hulk but a good Wod…

      Who’s in?????

  • Frank Says:

    Back squat 340# pr de 5#

    Press 170#

    Dead lift 360# pr de 5#

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